Nolvadex (tamoxifen)

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Nolvadex (tamoxifen)Nolvadex (tamoxifen) has estrogen-like action on a number of body systems, including the endometrial, bone and blood lipids.

After oral usage of Nolvadex is rapidly absorbed and maximum serum concentrations are attained within 4-7 hours.

Stable concentrations (approximately 300 ng / ml) are reached after a four-treatment with a daily dose of receiving 40 mg. This drug is well associated with serum albumin (> 99%). As a result of metabolism, in the process of hydroxylation, conjugation, there is formation of a number of metabolites that are indicators of pharmacological profile similar to the original chemical compound that, thus, contributes to the therapeutic effect. It is mainly released via feces. The half-life for most of the medicinal product has been identified in approximately seven days, the main circulating metabolite is up to 14 days.Nolvadex


For adults (including elderly) daily dose is 20 to 40 mg and is taken or divided doses twice daily or once daily dose.

Indications of Nolvadex

Nolvadex is successfully used for the treatment of the breast cancer and its development in the body. Your doctor may prescribe this medicine for the treatment of other type of tumors. For this purpose the medicine with be combined with other drugs.

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Nolvadex1Only women who were diagnosed with breast cancer and higher risk for breast cancer reoccurrence after radiation or surgery should take this medicine.

Nolvadex should be used only with prescription and approval of your doctor.
Being an antiestrogen medication, Nolvadex works in the body by blocking the effect of estrogen on certain types of malignant swellings. Estrogen is known for its ability to activate some of these types and thus by using Nolvadex a woman prevents the development and growth of tumors.

Nolvadex warnings

Women, who are allergic to this medicine, should not use it.
Women, who have diseases of blood vessels or have previously suffered from blood clots conditions, should not use Nolvadex, as it increases the chance for blood clotting development.

Before a woman starts the treatment with Nolvadex

Women, who have the following health problems or health conditions, should inform their doctors about them before starting the treatment with Nolvadex: pregnancy, breast-feeding, planning to become pregnant, allergies to medicines, disorders of the vessels, weak immune system, high cholesterol in blood and others.(tamoxifen)

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Side effects

Bone pain, cough, dizziness, hot flashes, muscle pain and nausea can bother you during the treatment. In some women the side effects may be more severe and result in serious health conditions, including swelling, allergic reactions, severe pains in the legs, dark urine, painful urination, severe headache and others.
In case of such serious and other side effects, it is necessary to stop using the medicine and call emergency help.

Drug interactions with Nolvadex

Some drugs may interact with Nolvadex, thus they should be avoided with this medicine. Ask your doctor about what you should do if take the following medicines: anticoagulants, cytotoxic cancer medicines, bupropion, cinacalcet, clobazam, duloxetine, fluoxetine, pimozide, quinidine, rifampin, sertraline, terbinafine, thioridazine and others. These medicines may change the effects of Nolvadex.

Your doctor may recommend taking your medicine separately from Nolvadex. Be sure to use the medicine right to avoid any drug interactions.

If you think that Nolvadex treatment does not bring you any benefit and your condition becomes even worth, visit your doctor for consultation. Do not stop using Nolvadex without first discussing it with your doctor.

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